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Welcome to Yoga Penistone, a friendly yoga studio and event space in the heart of Penistone at 18 Market Street. My name is Claire. I’m the studio director and main teacher.

Yoga is a philosophy for living that incorporates techniques to develop a healthy body, a calm mind and an enlivened spirit. With a healthy body and a calm mind we become more able to greet each day with a positive attitude, achieve more with less effort, improve our relationships with others and live a full and vibrant life for longer. The ultimate purpose of practicing yoga is to quieten the mind and get deeply connected to your true nature, unlocking your greatest potential for physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Yoga is not an intellectual journey but an experienced one, it is about doing rather than thinking. So come roll out your mat and give it a try. You’ll make some great new friends along the way.

As well as our studio classes, we also offer private classes at home or in the workplace. Call me if you would like to discuss a private or workplace class on 07803 855669.

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Yoga Penistone
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